Cisco Multi-Head 4K Cable

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Cisco multi-head cables provide flexibility and pleasing aesthetics in meeting rooms, and hassle-free content sharing for the user. The cables can connect a wide range of laptops to video-conferencing systems without the hassle of using multiple dongles. They clean up the meeting space with a sleek single-cable design while ensuring the quality of the signal over a 29.5-foot range. Importantly, users don’t need to worry about bringing the right dongles to the meetings.

The multi-head cables support audio and video from a laptop to Cisco video-conferencing systems via HDMI.



Multi-head 4K



29.5 feet (9 meters) connector cable, up to 4K 30fps

Product compatibility

  Cisco Room Kit
  Cisco Room Kit Plus
  Cisco Room Kit Pro
  Cisco Room Codec Plus
  Cisco Room 55
  Cisco Room 70


HDMI type A to:

  Mini display port
  HDMI type A



Maximum resolution 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels)

Cable dimensions

0.26 inch cable diameter (6.5 mm)

25.5 feet length (9 meters)

0.43 inch connector height (11.5 mm)