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Cisco Webex Board

Introducing the Cisco Webex Board

The Cisco Webex Board gives you the ability to collaborate like never before. Your team can meet over video, wirelessly present, and annotate shared content instantly with ease.

Features of a webex board

  • Powerful hardware

    The Webex Board features an advanced 4K camera which captures a high-resolution, wide-angle image of nearly the entire room. 

    A 12-microphone array delivers crisp, clear audio so that all meeting participants sound great.

  • Designed with you in mind

    Enjoy an easy-to-use, touch-based, high-quality collaboration experience.

    Cisco Webex Board integrates the most common tools needed for team collaboration in physical meeting rooms into a single elegant device.

  • Intelligently anticipates your needs

    The Webex Board automatically wakes up when you enter the room.

    It detects your Webex Teams app-supported device and suggests an activity, such as call, whiteboard, or wirelessly share your presentation.

  • Easy installation

    You don’t have to be an IT expert to set your board up as its designed to be easily deployable.

    With two people it takes just 15 minutes. The process is simple and painless so you can be using your board as soon as it arrives.

  • Wireless presentation

    The Webex board allows anyone in the room from a wide variety of devices to share documents to the board wirelessly.

    This are then viewable and editable by anyone in the meeting.

  • Best overview

    When video conferencing with someone and there is only two people in your room, the camera will recognise this.

    It will automatically modify the framing to show the possible best view. 

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Be there now.

High-definition video and crystal-clear audio bring everyone in the meeting together in one room. Remote participants can share their ideas as easily and effectively as those at the office.

Save money. Help the environment.

Deploying Cisco Webex Boards and meeting virtually will help your business cut down on travel expenses dramatically. Saving time, capital, and preventing unnecessary pollution.

Create as a team. Wherever you are.

Sketch your idea on the Cisco Webex Board's touchscreen and let team members mark up your drawing from anywhere. The all-in-one device shares presentations and video calls in stunning 4K HD. Everything created is kept in same place so your team can access it.


Is there a finance option available?

Yes! Cisco offer a fantastic 0% finance plan to their customers up to three years. 

Please contact us via email at solutions@webexboard.co.uk or call us on 01923 77 69 48 to further enquire about this.

Who are you?

This website is run by Tesrex Ltd. Tesrex is an IT consultant based in London with extensive experience in helping customers improve their communication through Cisco's renowned Collaboration portfolio. You can find our primary site here.

How long will it take for my Cisco Webex Board to arrive?

Delivery will normally take place within five working days of order placement.

Do I need to install the Cisco Webex Board myself?

Self-installation of the webex board is extremely quick an simple as you can see here.

However, if you would like someone to come and install it for you, that can be easily arranged.

How is the board mounted?

You have several options of mounting based on your preferences and your ideal location of the Webex Board. 

Floor stand: You can position it on a stand on the floor which you can reposition when convenient. (This is our recommended option)

Wall mount: You can mount it onto a wall with brackets.

Wall stand: this allows you prop the board against a wall that may not be strong enough to hold a mount.

What are the measurements of the board?

The  Webex Board 55": 32 x 50 x 1.9 in - 39.8kg

The Webex Board 70": 40.7 x 64.1 x 2.4 in - 64.3kg

Can I order a spare stand?

Yes. On our product page you will find stands are available as additional purchases.

Can I get a demonstration?

Yes! We would love to show you the vast array of features the Webex board has to offer and we regularly hold demonstrations for interested customers.

Please contact us via email at solutions@webexboard.co.uk or call us on 01923 77 69 48 if you would be interested in a demonstration.

Is there a full datasheet?

Please find the datasheets of both the Webex Boards below.

Webex Board 55"

Webex Board 70"

Are there any bulk discounts?

If you would like to buy multiple Webex Boards, a bulk discount can be arranged for you.

Please contact us via email at solutions@webexboard.co.uk or call us on 01923 77 66 48 if you like to know more about our bulk discounts.

What is your Returns Policy

You can find our returns policy here.

I am not a business. Can I still purchase from you?

This is generally a business-to-business site. We typically require valid VAT ID.

Do I need a VAT ID to purchase?

UK Customers do not need to enter a VAT ID up-front. For other EU countries, please enter a valid VAT ID in the box provided at checkout.

What's the difference between a Webex Board and Webex Room Kit Mini

The Webex Board is an All-In-One interactive whiteboard and collaboration device with an integrated screen, speakers, camera, and microphone. It's ideal for meetings rooms that sit more than 3-4 people.

The Webex Room Kit Mini is a small device with a built in camera and microphone that sits on top or below a normal television screen or monitor. It's ideal for smaller huddle spaces.

Buying your Webex Board from us.

Within one working day of you placing your order, we will start the process of getting your brand new Webex Board to you. You will likely receive it within 14 days.

This website is a subsidiary of Tesrex, a technology consultant which strives to provide exceptional customer service and deliver the best possible solution for their clients. We have extensive experience with Cisco Collaboration products and have helped a great number of customers deploy Webex Boards.

We are here to help! If you have any questions before you purchase your Webex Board, then please send us an email at solutions@webexboard.co.uk or call us at 01923 77 69 48.